The Constant Contact PHP wrapper class is a single PHP file, basically a chunk of code that you will be able to download, drop into your project, and get going very quickly with the constant contact REST API. It handles the details of the actual network connections, parameters, and interface for you so that you can focus on just using the bare essential calls to use each API function the Constant Contact REST API exposes.

The code has been created from scratch especially for the REST API and works with default php.ini settings, you need the curl extension installed to use the code. Also it's compatible with both PHP versions 4 and 5.

The code is clean, throughly commented and can be easily adapted to suit any needs, we provide full PHP source code plus documentation and examples showing how to use each feature.

The code is licensed under the GPL, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Below lists all the functions the code currently provides:

  • Get all Lists - sorted according to how you define
  • Get Lists - pageable
  • Get List
  • Create List
  • Update List
  • Delete List
  • Get List Members - pageable
  • Create Contact
  • Update Contact
  • Get Contact
  • Delete Contact
  • Query Contacts - by email or updated date and contact list
  • Get Contacts - pageable
  • Add Contacts (25 or more at once)
  • Export Contacts in CSV or Text Format
  • Clear Contacts from Contact List
  • Get Activities - pageable
  • Get Activity - plus download export files
  • Get Campaigns - pageable
  • Get Campaign
  • Query Campaigns - by status
  • Delete Campaign
  • Create Campaign - custom HTML only
  • Get Email Addresses

The only thing the code does not currently provide is a way to fetch events.

Please support this libraries development, if you do not have a constant contact account signup for a free 60 day trial using this link

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